about 12 years ago

I had a ruby project named "bootstrap_helper", which has 43 watchers on Github.

螢幕快照 2012-02-09 下午4.09.51

I thought having 43 watchers is sort of popular. But there is a weired thing: when I search keyword : "bootstrap helper", my gem is not in first page result.

螢幕快照 2012-02-09 下午3.59.56

Then I found I made a hugh mistake: Ruby naming convention told Ruby developer to name everything with underscore. So every developer names their projects with underscore.

But it's a giant SEO mistake: Search Engine treats snake_keywords as CamelKeywords. If your project's name contains meaningful keywords, it won't be matched. Because "snake_keywords" means "SnakeKeyword" not "snake keywords".

It's really bad for SEO.

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